absolutely beautiful. profound. engaging.

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Just wow. I am so impressed.
The cover is absolutely stunning!! before even reading the plot I could tell I would be reading a historical fiction crossed with modern day. That possibly the present female is a reincarnation of the past female.
The character building was lovely, giving the reader piece by piece of their personality and psyche, which I love. It keeps me engaged and wanting to find out more about them.
Immediately, I was drawn in by the oddly satisfying writing of mundane, everyday life. It was very immersive and put me in the uncomfortable dining room of this small, somewhat sad, self made family.
Emily, our main character, who I related to a lot, is a law student. She is working on a really exciting and interesting case that I rarely, if ever, see in stories. I always adore stories that include information and background on different careers, minds and lives. I have visited the exact underground city mentioned in this story. That was a fun and amazing surprise to come across; little bit of a full circle.