All My Rage Review

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I attempted to get this book (well technically the audiobook lol), last year and it has taken me this long to find a copy of it to be able to read it!! I luckily also found the audiobook so i was able to read it pretty quickly and in my preferred format, which i felt really added to the story and characters (as it always does when you have good narrators!!!). I wasn't too sure how much i would like this book, was worried it would be a bit more, drama? not sure how to explain it but i liked it lol i would definitely recommend this book if asked for sure as well. I would even reread this book or buy it in the future because it was a very good read, a lot was going on and the way the story was brought together was really great and touching. Highly recommend the audiobook especially again because the narrators are awesome in this book, i love books where different charaters read/tell each chapter and this was great!