Interesting life.

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At the beginning the author gives us a lot of info painting what her life was like as a young child, and I thought maybe all of the book would be like that, with the father not really being the focus. But then we get more details about his life and can see the complexities of the situation.

It is interesting to see the nostalgic or period details in the book, and I imagine that even though the family may have been middle-middle class, and may not have been rolling in dough, they would have to be unusually privileged compared to a lot of people, and pretty prosperous.

While the father may have been closeted, it doesn't sound like he was closeted in the way that some people are, where they lie even to themselves, so I would think that self-understanding made things easier for him.

I wish there were more photographs of her father, and that they were larger. The illustrations are small and they don't show much detail.