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Laura Hall tells her family's story, from how her parents met, to their life growing up, to her life as a teen mom, and then, woven in, is her dad's coming out story. In the 1970s, when Laura learned that her dad was gay, it was shocking to her, and it took her a while to process it.

I really enjoyed this book. Laura's writing style is very engaging, and you feel part of the family, through all their ups and downs. I also appreciated Laura's honesty - she had trouble with her dad's coming out, and she's not shy about discussing all of the issues she had. She tells some stories about meeting one of her dad's boyfriends and feeling very embarrassed by it. However, she seems to have grown in this regard, and also discusses how proud she is of her own granddaughter, who simply accepts her friends for who they are, and does not seem shocked to learn her great-grandpa was gay.