You won’t forget this book

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(Review is free of spoilers)
Once you read this book, you won’t forget it. I read it with a book club and all of us needed a “beach read” type of book afterwards. It was intense. I couldn’t put it down, but it got to be a lot sometimes. Incredibly well written and all the characters were very 3D. The duel point of view never got to be too disjunct from each other the way it happens in some books. Do be warned- this story is dark. It’s a thriller and it shows. You feel on the edge of your seat the entire time and like the villains of the story could show up at any moment to wreck havoc. It feels very real.
It’s really hard to say a whole lot without giving the story line/plot twist away, but just know that this story is incredible and you should read it immediately (like now). And it’s the author’s debut novel! I love this book and it’s one of my favorites for the year.