Such a good book!

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This was an amazing story with an even better message. I absolutely loved it, the characters were wonderful, and like it said at the beginning of the book, while the book was fictional. It has real issues that should be talked about like racism and homophobia. The characters were wonderful as well, I loved Chiamaka's character the most. And Devon was such a great person as well. I picked it up because of the Gossip Girl reference in the summary and the beautiful cover, and this did not disappoint the high hopes I had for it.

It was pretty suspenseful, the idea got pretty dark fast and the whole Aces thing was so utterly twisted and messed up to read, it made me sick. Devon's past and the place he was in is something that is very real, and the way those boys reacted to him is the same. And while that wasn't very fun to read, I liked how real this book was. As for Chiamaka, I found it so messed up what they did to her even more, the way they made her think she was the queen of the school only for it to be game. This book was very dark. There were definitely some light parts and Chiamaka was pretty funny sometimes though.

The high school aspect of it was alright, and the special rich-kid private school wasn't too bad, maybe some inaccuracies. It does have some gossip girl vibes, but this book has a better message than gossip girl ever did. The plot was also rather interesting, and I truly felt bad for the characters because in no way did they deserve this.

The writing wasn't amazing, it's not anything special but the story told is very important so it outweighed for me. I also felt as if the suspense was built up well but then at the end, it was a bit rushed, the end could have been dragged out more. Devon and T were very cute, and I really loved Chiamaka and Belle, it's a shame Belle was a terrible person. Also, I really liked what happened at the end, perhaps it's a bit cruel, but all those people deserved to rot in hell. Especially Jamie. Overall this was a wonderful story, and I truly do hope other people read it and like it just as much.

Thank you for the ARC!