Sounds super cool

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First of all I love love love the cover!!! So so pretty!!!
The title in itself sounds super super cool and I’m sure it’s a book that would just suck you into it.
The writing style seems chill and perfect for a young adult genre book, the characters seem to be extremely carefully curated and crafted.
I love the inclusion and representation of people of colour, it means so much to a person of colour. Representation matters so so much!!!
I definitely feel the dark academia and academia vibes which I absolutely absolutely love!!!
I am super sure that this book is going to be a great thriller with an amazing and shocking plot twist! Once you’re hooked on to it, you can’t put it down till you’re done! I honestly can’t wait to read the entire book. This book is so eye catching and I love how it doesn’t have a boring introduction, it gets straight to the point!