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I like the approach to racism and how at these private schools social eugenics could still be used today. It shows that racism is still a HUGE part of society today not just 50 years ago. This book shows that people are still being put in racially charged situations such as the ones that caused the Black Lives Matter protests all over the country but also in daily life. When I was in elementary school, I was bullied because I was white and everyone else was black or Latino. They were all part of the greater societal minority even if they were the majority at this particular school. I was bullied because all their lives they were taught to fear and avoid the white man while also understanding that white men ruled the world. Thus they feared me because I was white and because I didn't share some of the same experiences they all have. I haven't been an immigrant in 4 generations, I didn't know the struggle of knowing people who have been deported or in jail but they did.