Perfect YA mystery

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This book was SO good. It is a diverse YA mystery novel with a suspenseful plotline that will keep you hooked until the end. It is written in a dual perspective between Chiamaka and Devon. Chiamaka Adebayo has carefully planned her life-- and her senior year at Niveus Academy is the last step between her and Yale. However, her future is placed in jeopardy when an anonymous texter, known as Aces, begins revealing her secrets. Devon Richards is desperate to leave his poor neighborhood for Julliard. A scholarship kid at Niveus Academy his senior year means perfecting the music composition that will be his ticket to Julliard. But when Aces begins divulging his secrets, his life becomes increasingly dangerous and he doesn't know who to trust. Chiamaka and Devon become unlikely allies in their quest to bring down Aces before their threats turn deadly.

This book has queer and POC main characters and the author's writing builds the mystery and suspense throughout with the perfect plot twists and climax for a mystery book. The characters are well developed and I personally loved Chiamaka's headstrong personality. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a good YA mystery book.