Opened and blew my mind

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For reference, I listened to the book which provides a slightly different experience than if I had read the novel.

This novel was very eye opening for me, someone who doesn't experience racism due to implicit bias or conscious bias which many people with different skin than I suffer though. I don't know what it feels like to have a system which is completely against me.

I believe that this novel helped me grasp that feeling as much as I possibly could. I felt so helpless for these characters, trying to think of what I would do throughout the novel but, with biases in mind, never being able to find a way out for them. I feel as though my eyes have been opened to an issue that is very prominent in the world which I didn't realize stretched across communities everywhere.

I feel that this author constantly had me caring for the characters and their story, even if it made me uncomfortable to listen to, as no human should go through what they go through, yet I kept listening, caring, and rooting for them. I feel as though this author has opened my eyes to so many systematic problems in an engaging way.