One of my top reads of the year

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This was an absolutely beautifully written book! I have not read a five star book in a while and do not have many five star reads. That being said I don't think I have ever read something quite like this. Ace of Spades is about two black students who go to a private high school and suddenly become the victims to an anonymous bully. This book falls into the YA, thriller, mystery categories.
First off, the way the author portrays racism in America today and the daily and hierarching struggles that black men and women face is astounding. I have read many books focusing on racial injustice in today's society but this one hit the hardest. It was a very emotional read and had many jaw dropping moments throughout the book. I have never faced discrimination for the color of my skin, but this book shows the horrors and injustices of today's system.
There are also themes of discrimination and bullying because of sexuality. The author also does such a wonderful job handling these issues as well.
This book had its fun and more lighthearted moments but it also had some very powerful messages throughout. I have no doubt in my mind that when this book hits the shelves it will be an instant bestseller. The tension, suspense, writing style, and twists all combined with the powerful messages this book centers around are sure to make it an instant success!
Go check out my Instagram for sneak peaks at character art before the book comes out! Thank you to Macmillan publishing for giving me an ARC of this book.