Not Sure Where To Begin

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Such a slow read. Pretty sure I had to go past page 140 to be interested at all. I was ready to be taken full speed into a good story and instead I was dragged along slowly face down waiting for it to end. The hype for this book I simply cannot understand. I feel like I must have read something no one else did based off reviews I have read. It reads like middle grade fiction with a lot of school drama.

Basically there is this evil society running the school who call themselves the Aces. They want revenge and start publicly spilling secrets from certain students that cause all kinds of drama. It is very clear that the persons of color are targeted but it takes forever for characters in the book to notice??? Uh hello what?! Yeah that was painful and made the story even worse.

The only thing worth reading was the actual plot twist. Honestly very realistic for school drama. Not very guessable but was good enough to save my review from being 1 star. Chiamaka and Devon had a lot of potential to be such good characters but they were not given the appropriate words or story to make that happen. As a debut novel I suppose it is ok but nothing worth all the hype and 5 star reviews.