Not Every Thriller Thrills

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Ugh, I am disappointed to say that unfortunately I was less than thrilled with this thriller. While I was properly horrified by the events in the story and the trauma Chiamaka and Devon were put through, I didn't find the storytelling to be all that shocking. There wasn't really the element of surprise and it resulted in me not really feeling any suspense while reading. I think that books taglines are supposed to hook audiences not give away the entire plot of the movie. The tagline "Gossip Girl meets Get Out" description is way too telling of the plot, it ruined the surprise twist. The book had good writing, the main characters reactions and actions were realistic (for the most part- remember Gossip Girl tagline) there was just no suspense or thrill or in this thriller for me while reading. It's a shame too because this was one of my most anticipated reads for this year.