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It's a pretty good read and it's parallel to today's society with systemic racism. The writing isn't bad, just not a fan of the toxic author. This is thriller YA about two black students going to a prestigeous high school. Told in each of their POV, they explore their sexual preference and go through the motions of typical high school drama, the popularity contest, trying to fit in and keeping their grades up so they can go to great universities. The twist had my mind blown. It's something that actually don't seem too far off from reality depending on your location. Especially with what's going on today in the US, this book definitely stirs emotion in me seeing this type of treatment towards people of color. It's hard not to feel anger towards the abusers. It's too bad that this could have been a really great teaching read, but when you have an author who is constantly on the attack instead of educating, it defeats the purpose.