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this just- wow. LOOK UP TW IF YOU WANT TO PICK THIS UP!! the way i felt sick several times just show how messed up our society truly is. this is such an important book, but please read it with the caution it deserves. always take care of yourself.

The writing style is precise and easy to understand, while also incredibly captivating. It never feels like it's dragged on, and it doesn't feel too long.

Now the plot itself? Wow. No matter how many things i guessed or thought of, there was always a new revelation that made me gasp. Everything kept somehow getting more and more messed up, and I truly had to put this book down several times just to take a breath and calm myself and my anxiety a little before I was able to continue.

Both main characters are incredibly smart, well rounded and complex. I love how romance was never the center of this story and friendships were.

This debut is strong, heart wrenching and sickening in the best way possible, and I'm convinced everyone needs to read this.