Loved This Book!

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This was a total "Bookstagram made me do it" purchase...when I saw it at Target, I bought it with the intention of reading it, but it went in the pile where it sat until I had the opportunity to buddy read with a friend. Let me tell you...this is NOT a book you buy just to put in your TBR; this is a book you read the same day you buy it.

All I knew about this book before reading was that it involves some scandal at a private high school; some anonymous person texting reputation-ruining secrets about certain students, and those students happen to be Black. Trust me when I tell you to go into this one as blind as possible, and if you have any aversion at all to YA books, this one deals with so many complex adult issues--racism, queer identity, dark academia--that you forget its genre.

The author's note at the end is a MUST READ. I often wonder where authors get inspiration from, especially for such a wild story. Her explanation was pretty sobering.