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This was a phenomenal debut, I went into this with sky high expectations and am happy to say it still managed to exceed them! You should absolutely go into this as blind as possible. Seriously. Stop reading my review already and just plan to pick it up!

Ok… if that wasn’t quite enough to convince you, read this if you like:
🔵 High tension in dark academia setting
🔵 A YA book with not one, but two strong Black main characters and multiple LGTBQ characters
🔵 A thriller with dark twists that also deals with heavy, diverse and important themes.

The only thing that kept this from being a full 5⭐️ is that I was left wanting a bit more from the ending. It felt like everything ramped up and some major reveals happen, but then things are quickly wrapped up. I was left with some unanswered questions and wish the reveal had come at the 75% mark of the book to leave more time to explore the conclusion and provide a bit more depth.

I definitely recommend you add this to your TBR. I also encourage you to take the time to read the heartfelt authors note and acknowledgements. 4.5/5⭐️