Gripping Highschool Thriller

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This highschool thriller takes petty drama and spins it into something horrifying and sinister. Everything Chi and Devon go through is so horrible. There's an unshakable feeling of unfurling horror as lines are drawn, allies and enemies are exposed, and everything Chi and Devon have ever wanted comes crashing around them. The story reminds me of the anime King's Game, where every shred of hope is slowly snatched away in the face of harsh and inescapable reality.

There's an interesting juxtaposition between the two protagonists. Chi is a self-centered attention seeker, while Devon's only goal is to lie low long enough to get into a good college. While Devon is the nicer of the two, neither is particularly altruistic, and their struggle to stay afloat amidst the hostility around them makes for a bleak landscape.

This is a striking story, but not a happy one. Recommend for adult or older YA readers who are prepared for depictions of physical and mental abuse.