Get Out + One of Us is Lying

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I don't ever say that I 'couldn't put this book down' because it's never true. But this book is probably one of the first exceptions to that rule, because it was just so compelling. Ace of Spades taught me a lot more about racism in America, and how our institutions in this country are pretty much geared towards white people. As a person of color, there were quite a few eerily relatable parts. I'm so glad that the main characters got their happy endings, because it's too often that POC characters end up dead or unhappy in their books. This book made me think a lot about the racism many, including myself, experience in US schools and beyond, and I was greatly inspired by the fact that there is definitely a way for people to speak their truth and be heard. A few parts that I did not enjoy in the book were the fact that Terrell was sort of forgiven for what he did to help Aces, and I found the ending to be a little rushed. There was definitely room for slower and more believable character development, as I also found that to be a bit rushed at times. However, the plot and twists greatly made up for the books few flaws. I found this book to be an insanely amazing, mind-boggling thriller. If this became a movie, it would totally win an Oscar, I guarantee it.