Fast and Furious

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Sometimes Young Adult books, especially contemporary Young Adult books, can come off as silly or too immature for my taste. And that's okay! Young Adult has a target audience, and that is not me.

But Ace of Spades was a Young Adult novel that rose above it's peers. We have a dual POV, following students of the prestigious Niveus Academy: Chiamaka, a well off, ambitious young woman, as well as Devon, a young man who is musically gifted and attends the school on a scholarship. They also happen to be the only Black students in the whole school.

The plot thickens when a mysterious entity who goes by "Aces" starts leaking the personal information of Niveus students. At first it seems harmless if not annoying, but eventually it's easy to tell that Aces has a more sinister agenda.

I really enjoyed Ace of Spades. It was fast and furious, no brakes. Once it started going, it was impossible to put down. Fantastic debut from Miss Abike-Iyimide.