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So let me start by saying I have not watched a single episode of Gossip Girl or read it (I think it's a book) but I know who A is suppose to be (my friends loved the show) but I have watched get out. I personally think it has a splash of I know what you did last summer too but that might be because of my lack of knowledge on Gossip girl. I don't know.

I did quiet enjoy this book it kept me engaged in trying to find out just who was trying to take the only two black kids down.

While I do think this was really on the nose with the lines of Get out it has enough of its own uniqueness to make it its own.

This book also makes me feel like I should dye my hair anything but blonde and hide my blue eyes because it seems everyone that was a no good pig stealing great grandfather had them and I don't wanna be associated with them.

There is also a LGBTQ representation and I was for it. For both characters