A Private School Mystery

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What in joy so far about “Ace of Spades” is the blatant differences between the two main characters.

The narrator switches between Devon, an introverted musician who is on a scholarship, and Chiamaka, the most popular girl in school who wears designer clothes and has other students bringing her coffee.

Yet, despite these differences, these two characters are both chosen to be senior prefects. Although with the first impression, we don’t yet know how this prefect position will affect the storyline of the book, you know that there will be some interaction between the two characters because of this prefect commonality.

I’m throughly engrossed in the book so far due to its somewhat teenage snarky writing, clever references, and character development. The fact that I’ve only read about 20 pages but already feel like I know these characters makes me know that this book is going to be great.

Additionally, since these 23 pages ended in a cliff-hanger, I’ll be left in suspense until I can finally read more. Already the author has created an addictive teenage thriller in the first few chapters that I cannot wait to read.