Vampires, Heists, and Tea

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criminal mastermind arthie casimir’s prestigious tearoom transforms into an illegal bloodhouse that caters to vampires by dark. when this business is threatened, she’s forced to strike a deal that requires some fellow outcasts joining her team. together, they plan a heist that leads to the revelation of secrets they never could have guessed.

hafsah faizal’s sands of arawiya duology were some of the first books i discovered when getting back into reading a few years ago, so i was, of course, eagerly awaiting this book, especially because it’s set in the same universe as those books and even includes a few references to them! while reading the duology is not required before reading this book, i would recommend doing so to pick up on these moments (:

now, onto the characters and the plot. this book was told from three points of view, though there were a couple more members on the team. i loved getting to know each character, pov character or not, and how much depth and page time they each got. i also loved the whole heist aspect and how that all played out! there were also so many plot twists that i honestly was not expecting. i am so excited to see where things go in book two!