Typical YA Heist Book

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More like 3.5 stars. Thanks to Bookish First for the opportunity to grab a finished copy in exchange for an honest review! As always, all options are my own

I was a pretty big fan of We Hunt the Flames and was intrigued by the synopsis of a Tempest of Tea. It takes place in the same universe but a different continent. I don't believe that any of the characters overlap unless I'm forgetting something.

Tempest is a fast paced book that was certainly fun to read, although it has some rough edges. YA doesn't usually spend a lot of time on world building and scene setting and this is no exception, although we get enough background to follow the heist plot.

I liked the characters and their banter and snark. Each is fighting for something although, with no spoilers, I somehow actually saw the plot coming. I said WOW, wouldn't this be the kicker, and then when it kicked, and I was right .. maybe I've read too much YA now.

My biggest issue is that despite multiple points of view, I don't think the characters have distinct voices. Each chapter bleeds other characters descriptions and issues and motivations into it, when if you really want to distinguish points of view, they need to stay true to the features character. Sometimes it was hard to remember which POV we were in

Rapid fire likes and dislikes: it's a pretty typical heist book. I liked the different twist on vampires. I thought the heist itself was a tad anticlimactic. I love a little fuzzy gray companion animal and all the plotting. I don't love all the time spent staring at quirking lips - this only carries so far with so many repetitions. That's where the YA came through the most.

If you hate cliffhangers...beware. I do recommend this one if it peaks your interest!