Top Notch Buddy Con Novel

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Imagine a Kaz Brekker and Jesper Fahey buddy con novel, pre-crows. Each character deserve a book of their own, and I am looking forward to the second book. The more intriguing and beautiful the characters are, both physically and in personality, the more I want to see fan art of it. It's almost a tragedy to be reading it as an ARC because there is nothing to sate me in terms of art. I particularly want more Matteo and Jin content, and hopefully in the next book we get some Matteo POV chapters.
The only reason it didn't get five stars from me (yet) is that while I enjoyed it, something just didn't spark yet. I could also guess one of the big plot twists pretty early in the book, but I think that is because I just happened to know the fun fact/internet theory the twist was based off of already. That being said, some of my favorite books started as 4 star reads for me and over time they grew on me. I am glad to have the beautiful hardback on my shelf to re-read later and lend out to my friends.