This was such a fun read!

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A Tempest of Tea is a fantasy book set in a Victorian England style setting. It has vampires, magic, found family, a little romance, intrigue, tea, and of course, a heist. Our female main character is Arthie, an orphan who is a sort of a female Kaz Brekker. She is somewhat emotionally unavailable, fierce, cunning and loyal. Jin is her best friend, who is like a brother to her, and also maybe an orphan. Their relationship is amazing. Together they run a tearoom by day, and a bloodhouse by night. When her tea house is threatened, Arthie will do anything to protect it even if it means infiltrating the powerful vampire society know as the Athereum.

This book was such a fun read. There was always something happening. I loved the world building and the characters were so well written. In the end, I was left with questions, and I cannot wait for the second book. I would highly recommend this to any of my students.