Such a good premise, don't know about the execution

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I am a huge fan of this author's previous books. And her covers never, ever disappoint! This premise also sounded absolutely spectacular. Tea, magic vampires? The setting seemed absolutely ethereal.

However, I don't know why, but I couldn't seem to get into it. There was some sort of disconnect, but I think that's only for me. Objectively, I think this may be a good book. But I cannot tell you why. I can't remember much of anything that happened. The characters and events were all a blur. It's such a shame, because I was looking forward to this book all year and even got an advance reader copy.

But like I said before, I do think this is a good book. I can't give you a reason why it didn't hook me, but that is not to say that it will not hook you. I'd recommend still giving this ago, and maybe I'll try it again one day. If nothing but for the cover alone.