Oceans 11 with vampires and political twists!

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A Tempest of Tea is a joy ride in the likes of Ocean 11 with political intrigue, a sprinkle of pinning and romance that delves deep into twists, connections, vampires and the evils of those that hang onto power and suppress others.

Arthie is strong willed and feisty FMC you instantly want to root for along with her found family of an inner circle she has created for herself.

The author does an incredible job on os sprinkling in character backstory at moments that make it more impactful really making you fall in love with the characters. Not just for Arthie (FMC) but for side characters too as she jumps from POVs.

There's deep pain in the writing in this story that is beautiful but yet blunt. It conveys a moral message to the reader about political power and colonization from a morally grey standpoint that is relatable and digestible and never becomes preachy.

This book was a wild ride where I found myself teary eyed and clutching my heart as it ended.