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Even though I wasn’t a fan of her first duology the hype for this one got to me and I couldn’t help but request it! The blurb about a heist and the cover really got to me too! Unfortunately, it started slow and never got better for me.

My biggest gripe is that everything felt so bland. The characters were bland, the vampires were bland, and even the heist was bland. There is so much that the blurb offers when it comes to the tearoom and heist, but I never got anything out of those two things. The tearoom was really only discussed. I think they were there for one scene and that was about it. I wish that since some of the characters owned it that it would be more prominent to the story. Give me it as a setting!

The same could be said for the vampires. We meet a few and hear about their mysterious disappearance all the time, but there wasn’t much that was expounded upon. I think this also leads into the problem of world-building. There wasn’t much to go off of.

For the heist, there was more talking about it than doing. The blurb made me think this would be a book that was fast-paced but it was very slow and I lost interest quickly.

The positive is that I did like the narrator. She did a great job!

Overall, this was okay but wasn’t for me. I really wanted to give this author another chance as I tend to do but I think it’s time to call it quits.