i loved this novel!!!!

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I am excited to share my appreciation for the author Hafsah Faizal. Her latest book, which I was fortunate enough to review through bookishFirst and the publishers, was simply amazing. I never thought I would be interested in fantasy books, but Faizal's writing skills have completely changed my perspective. The characters, particularly Arthie Cashmir, were intriguing and the storyline was engaging. Faizal did a fantastic job in creating such interesting characters and plot. The book features a society of vampires within the human society, and Arthie Cashmir is a keeper of secrets who gathers a team of fellow criminals for an opportunity that she cannot refuse. However, not all of them are truly aligned with her. I loved this book and I look forward to reading more books from Hafsah Faizal in the future. I'm so excited for future reads!