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The book's cover is IMMACULATE. The story is even better i wish i can turn back to read it again. The characters and the story just go so well with each. Such a good book. 8/10.Stranded Arthie, brown-skinned with mauve hair, has made a criminal domain out of sheer cull in spite of being Ceylani in Ettenia, where laws favor white individuals. She pulled amazing gun Calibore from a stone plinth (in spite of the fact that the prescience that doing so would make her the nation's pioneer turned out to be a deception). She's too built Spindrift, a teahouse-cum-bloodhouse, where she assembles privileged insights from well off people and vampires, storing up control and security. Presently Arthie has her sights set on vengeance—and the Slam, Ettenia's conceal ruler. When she and Jin, her brother-by-choice (who's prompted East Asian), are drawn into a heist, they gather a assorted group of migrants whose parts riff on class prime examples. The rich composition beats with feeling as disclosures are dropped and the pressure ratchets up, keeping the pages turning as the diverse group plans to invade a vampire society, recover a stolen record, and double-cross one of the Ram's watches (who can be arranging to double-cross them). Their extreme objective:
taking down the colonizing Ettenians and the exploitative East Jeevant Company. It's all exceptionally energizing right up to the action-packed finale, which guarantees more scheme and (ideally) equity to come. This compelling studied offers curiously commentary on our society whereas feeling totally genuine inside the setting of its possess worldbuilding.