Hell yea, vampires

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I loved Arthie, she was an interesting character and really carried my interest throughout the book. Her found family sibling relationship with Jin was excellent. I wish the others in their little found family had been around more though. The book certainly delivers on the promised vampires, they're heavily featured in the plot and there's several that have interactions with the lead characters. They're fairly traditional but still a lot of fun.

The world building felt incomplete to me but I've heard this is set in the same world as other books by the author it's very possible reading those would give the world a more complete feel. I wish the tea shop had played a bigger role. Sure it was part of the big conflict but you could replace it with any other shop type and get pretty much the same book, for a book and series with tea in the title I just expected a little more. The way Jin refused to call Flick by her preferred name really didn't sit well with me and their whole romance felt forced. I could have done without Flick entirely to be honest.

Overall, it was a fun read and I will pick up the next book in the series.