Great start to fantasy series

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This was a fun Young Adult fantasy heist with some great twists and a solid four star book for me.

I enjoyed the setting and the concept the most in this book. The tea house, Spindrift, is so interesting and imaginative. Definitely could have spent even more time there.

There are some wonderful characters in the crew and Jin was definitely my favorite with his dark backstory, hope for the future, and care for the people in his life. I can’t wait to see more development with him. Also I could totally imagine him and Flick coming up with all sorts of interesting projects.

I also liked the descriptions of the Athereum and how it operated during their heist - it was definitely fun imagining all of the details of their plan and seeing it all unfold. The place and plan were both so elaborate and entertaining.

I felt like the romance involving Arthur was a bit all over the place. There’s this love triangle between Arthie and two other characters. I really liked both love interests as characters and could see a lot of potential with both of them. But the writing of the romance just didn't feel convincing or compelling and fell a tad flat for me until literally the final page of the book. Then I felt like the cliffhanger made me look forward to the romance developing in the next book. That could just be a me-thing since I’m picky about relationship development!

All in all, I think this book is perfect if you like a heist in a fantasy setting. I thought the writing style was solidly more YA than adult.