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A Tempest of Tea is an atmospheric and mysterious duology, the perfect mix between Six Crows and Peaky Blinders, but with vampires and tea, lots of tea. It’s a new story but it's set in the same world as We Hunt The Flame, It has multiple POVs, the pacing is slow but engaging, and something is always happening, whether it's an action scene or a plot to achieve something.

Arthie, Jin, and Flick are the main characters, but there are many secondary characters, all of them complex, and smart. Each character has their personality, their past traumas, and their motives for being part of the heist. There is a bit of found family trope and romance (love triangle). All of them are interesting but my favorite was Arthie, she is chaotic, witty, and resourceful, a she is treet-smart girl.

Love the setting, the tea shop was a fun idea, especially because it's not a cute and cozy tea shop, it's a place where revenge plans, murder missions, and heists are made. The vampires were interesting, a little different from what we are used to.

The ending will leave you wanting the sequel, there are several twists that I didn't see coming, that will keep me speculating about the second book

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