Found Family, vampires, and crime

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For starters, the cover to A Tempest of Tea is undeniably beautiful, like I legit just kept staring at it. The color scheme is lovely and the illustration of Arthie is spot on. This book would be an instant buy because of the cover alone. Now plot wise, we follow Arthie who is hell bent on revenge and runs an illegal bloodhouse for vampires along with her best friend Jin. This takes place in a world where vampires are known and I am not usually one for “vampire books” but I was blown away by how much I loved this story. It is very fast paced with lots of twists and turns. Like a lot of ya books, this being compared to Six of Crows, but it actually does have a solid comparison. The found family aspect is great and I instantly liked every single character. There is also really good swoon, which I was not expecting. I highly recommend this and cannot wait for the sequel.