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Listen, I was going to read any book that claimed to be similar to Six of Crows and Peaky Blinders but with a magical twist, but add Hafsah Faizal as the author and I jumped all over it instead of just adding it to the end of my TBR. I recently read the We Hunt the Flame duology, and I was having a hard time following that with just any other book. A Tempest of Tea turned out to be the perfect fix for that rut. It's not even really that similar in plot or tone, it's just because it is written so freaking well!

I love a good heist plot, and if nothing else this book delivers on that. I've seen some reviews mentioned there was too much planning and not enough action, but I don't agree at all. A Tempest of Tea is character-driven, which I enjoy much more than purely action-driven plots. I already know that these characters are going to carry this book to the same level of fame as Faizal's other works, they're just that good!