A Tempest of Tea Barely Bubbled

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A Tempest of Tea is a tale set in an alternate universe where vampires are real. The story is told in alternate points of view between three teenagers who, for different reasons, have been set adrift in their society. They are brought together through their shared hatred of The Ram, the dictatorial leader of the land. The actual story is about a heist and a hope to save the small oasis of family and freedom that Arthie and Jin, two of the main characters have built in a teahouse called Spindrift. There is fire, death, mayhem and angst as time ticks out for these wily teens.

I wanted to love this book. After reading the First Look, I was sure that the book would be fast paced and tense. Sadly, for me, the story never hooked me and I had a hard time following the story as the points of view changed sometimes as quickly as two pages. The characters spent so much time with their feelings, that three hundred pages later, I was thoroughly sick of the inner drama and sad that there wasn't much to show for having read the book.

I received this book for free as an advance reader copy. All opinions are my own.