A New Favorite!

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This book a hands down a new favorite of mine!

I knew from the moment I read the blurb on the back that I was really going to enjoy this book! I love a good heist story, and A Tempest of Tea definitely led with that! And on top of that, this book had vampires and tea--a wonderful combo to read about!

What usually will make or break a heist story for me is the characters. Fortunately for me, I loved the characters in this! We follow three points of view, and I feel like all three of them held up their end of the bargain--there wasn't one that was obviously weaker than the others, which can sometimes happen in multiple POV stories.

If I had to be critical of something, it would probably be that I wanted more of the heist! I obviously thought what was there was executed well, but this story was really more about the characters than anything else.

I cannot wait for the sequel!