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The story follows Arthie and Jin, who built up a business called Spindrift that operated as a teahouse by day and an illegal bloodhouse by night. They created a successful business for themselves on the other side of the law but when their establishment and everything they worked for suddenly becomes endangered, Arthie and Jin reluctantly plan a heist with a city guard named Laith and a couple of other recruits of certain skills to break into the Athereum, the heavily guarded vampire club, to steal a ledger that will help them save their business.

From the first excerpt I read from BookishFirst, I was in love with the imagery Faizal created and how deliciously worded the descriptions and adjectives were. This story has found family, double dealing, secrets and excitement and I enjoyed burrowing down and reading this book. I enjoyed the human- vampire aspect of this book and how the society functioned without having the vampires as the classic villain of the story, even though there was still some tension between the two. I liked Arthie, Jin, Matteo, Flick, and Laith as characters and loved seeing and questioning what motivated them to join this ragtag group Arthie puts together. There were twists that I didn't expect and I cannot wait to see what the next book offers.