“Every good love story begins with a bullet to the heart”

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This is a thrilling first read. Clearly the author knows how to hook her readers quickly and effectively. Not unlike these purveyors of fine goods flipping their teahouse establishment’s premises from respectable to…less than, every night.

I am so excited to read about this new world and the morally gray “tempest in a bottle” that is Arthie. She’s fierce, intriguing and has nerves of steel. Also I love her hint of controlled temper. I look forward to her sparring more with Matteo and others.

I especially loved the tearoom that flips in 5 minutes with hidden panels and false floors. SUCH fun to “see” for the first time and I can’t wait to learn more about the mastermind Jin and his involvement with turning out this enthralling establishment.

The side characters are also so interesting. A vampire that can brew a perfect cup of tea. Orphans and urchins given a new chance at life. Quiet, almost demure vampires and half vampires? I’m dying to learn more. Pun intended.

Thanks for the first look! I know this is going to stick in my mind until I have a chance to properly finish this alluring tale.