A great book full of romance and adventure

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When Millie visits her grandmother one day, she is told she has a few weeks to find a new place for her grandmother to live. They have a waiting list and she needs more specialized care due to her worsening memory loss. Working multiple jobs, Millie can barely afford to pay for her basic needs and her grandmother's care. She needs a miracle and fast. Then her grandma Joy tells Millie that her great grandmother was a guest at estate in Georgia in the 1920's and there was treasure there. This may be her miracle she needs. Millie takes on a job as an actor at the estate and is caught by a security guard named Ben. You will definitely cheer on Millie and Ben throughout their journey to find out the truth of great grandma Ruth, what really happened at the estate all those years ago and their search for a treasure that can take care of their financial problems. This book had a lot of twist and turns and a surprising ending that I didn't see coming.