Worth the Read

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What a beautiful story but also what a roller coaster at times. I think this book is definitely worth a read and gives a unique story that isn’t necessarily like other books on the shelf right now. I love the a story about the path to discovering yourself - even if that discovering my come from someone it probably shouldn’t have.

Malinda writes in a way that captivates the audience and keeps readers engaged in the story. I never felt like there was a lull in the timeline and could keep up with the plot quite well. This was my first book by them and I will for sure pick up more.

The cover of this book is breathtaking. The colors mix into something great and I think it was a home run. I feel this cover with pop on any booksellers shelf and will called to a bigger audience to pick up the book.

All in all I give this story a 4.5/5 I didn’t love the age difference, but I see where it came into place in the overall story.