So much more than a "scatter!"

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I absolutely devoured this book! I was so excited to win a copy from Bookish First and it did not disappoint! This is a stunning coming of age novel! I absolutely love how Malinda Lo brought the main character, Aria, to life and how we saw her blossom into herself throughout the novel. At the start of the story, we don't know exactly what happened to Aria, just that she did something that made her parents decide she can't spend the summer before she goes to college alone, unsupervised, and she must spend it with her grandmother instead. Little does she know that being with her grandmother is EXACTLY what she needs before she heads to college. And let me just say, her grandmother is an interesting character and I loved the scenes where I got to see their relationship and how easily they talked with one another. The book may be called "A Scatter of Light" but it is anything but a scatter in its impact on the reader. I experienced a wide range of emotions with Aria and I found myself sad when the book was over.