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I read the excerpt because I was intrigued by the plot—I had never heard of this book before but was curious as I am an asian american girl who also lived through the legalization of gay marriage. Although the first part of the book was slow, it quickly managed to grab my attention and suck me in to the story. The way she weaves in the backstory of these characters while still building the plot is stunning and very insightful.

Malinda Lo’s insight into the way the world works (and the realness of the main character) makes the characters seem like people I could meet on the street. I finished the excerpt wanting more, to learn where her story goes and what she experiences.

It was surprising to me, how quickly I was invested in the story. Although I wasn’t sucked in at first, it didn’t take very long before I was completely invested in the storyline.

I see myself and countless others within these pages, and am excited to read the whole book when it comes out!