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4.5 Stars

Thank you Penguin Teen and Netgalley for an arc of this book!

A Scatter of Light follows Aria as she unwillingly spends the summer near San Francisco with her grandmother after an ex-hookup leaked nonconsensual pictures of her to her graduating class. Aria meets her grandmother's gardener, Steph, and becomes curious about the queer culture and friends Steph is a part of. Aria discovers herself through her art and her past-grandfather's astronomy notes throughout the summer.

I loved every inch of this book. It is such a raw story and I felt like I got to know Aria so well throughout it. It is so odd to me to classify this as historical fiction when it was set in 2008! That does not feel like that long ago. And yet...I was in 8th grade then! Wow.

I loved learning about some queer artists and the lesbian scene in San Francisco at the time, as well as all the beautiful character development throughout. I don't love infidelity as a plot point in books but the way this was written was really great and didn't bother me the way that trope usually does.

This book is beautifully written and the cover is gorgeous!
Content Warnings
Graphic: Infidelity, Death, and Grief

Moderate: Homophobia

Minor: Abandonment