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A Scatter of Light is about Aria West who is going to MIT after her senior year. After years of working hard on her studies she goes to a party and decided to hookup with a boy and it goes terribly wrong. Next thing she knows photos of her are being posted on the internet. Of course her school friends don’t take her side and they even uninvite her their summer plans of going to Martha’s Vineyard. Aria is sent to go stay with her grandmother for the summer. Aria plans to be in and out no friends but Steph breaks her plan. This is a very slow burn romance that has you hooked. Its not just a romance, its a story of finding yourself and loving your family for who they are. I really enjoyed a part of the book where there was cheating involved and I feel like Malinda Lo really nailed an accurate representation of this cheating. You will love this book please pick it up!