Emotional Coming of Age

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A Scatter of Light is an emotional coming of age story that envelops so many hard topics into bite size concepts. I loved Lo's ability to let the characters be flawed and not picture perfect, while creating a trajectory for their growth.

This book ripped my heart open in so many unexpected ways. Aria is exiled to her grandma's house after an end of year scandal that leaves her on barely speaking terms with her high school best friends. Through this exile Aria is given the opportunity to explore her own interest and things she may have been ignoring.
Aria and her grandmother (Joan) have a unique relationship that truly helps drive the story. I loved seeing their interactions and found them to have a heart warming dynamic.

Aria becomes close friends with Steph, her grandmothers gardener, and through Steph discovers the queer community. This is where the true self discovery happens and we get to see a lot of queer joy. Aria also gets insight on what her life could look like as a newly discovered queer woman.

This is a story of love, grief, and living with regrets. Although this is a companion novel to Last Night at the Telegraph Club, you can read them in any order. A Scatter of Light stands strong on its own. As a companion it offers a glimpse at Lily's life after LNatTG, as well as how the LGBTQ community has changed since the 1950's.