Beautiful Coming of Age Novel

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This was a cute YA queer coming of age story about Aria West, an 18 year old who’s experimentation with a boy at a school party resulted in nude photos and being slut shamed both in school and online. When her Father found out, he took away her summer vacation abroad with friends and drove her to her Grandmother’s house near San Francisco.

She thought her summer was over until she met her Grandmother’s gardener, Steph. Steph and her friends invited Aria along to all their activities; including concerts, and gay marches.

Even though Aria had been with boys throughout high school, she found herself attracted to Steph but Steph was already in a relationship.

This was a bittersweet story about love, loss and coming out. I felt all the emotion that Aria was feeling and couldn’t put put the book down!

This book was way out of my usual genre but I really enjoyed the story of coming out, falling in love and following their dreams.