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I love this book!!! I love the cover it is so cute but I absolutely loved the description it was very eye catching and didn’t reveal to much but also just enough and it looked so good so I decided to read it…!!! I read this in like 2 days it was so so so good!!!! I really recommend this book!!! It wasn’t my favorite but it was a really good read!! I absolutely love the plot this author is so talented!!!!!!! the main characters the main lead was not annoying like some books and I really loved her and the plot was quite literally amazing I can’t say enough!!!!!!!!! The book is def worth the read!!!!! I have it four but it is really a four point five out of five!!! It is so good you should read!! This is such a cute read I absolutely love it!!! I read reviews before I read it and it is definitely better than they say!!!!! Amazing!!!! Four out five!!!!!!!!!!!