A Scatter of Sapphic Light

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Ever since I read Last Night at the Telegraph Club, I've been enthralled by Malinda's writing, so you best believe that I squawked like a bird when I heard she was releasing A Scatter of Light. Now I do think LNATTC is still my favorite of her works (by a long shot honestly), but I still had a ton of fun and some near tears while reading. My big gripe that pretty much solidified my feelings for this book was the cheating plot. In my opinion, it felt unnecessary to the plot overall, and something deeper could've replaced it. Also, this is purely biased, but I *typically* love books that take place in the past more than present, so again, not surprised that LNATTC was superior by the end than this one that takes place 60 years after it. One of the details that I loved about this book was comparing it to LNATTC because California has changed significantly since the former book.